Property Analysis & Rental Analysis

We provide the option to forward our free rental analysis to the property owner showing pertinent management and leasing information on the subject property or properties. Additionally, we provide recommendations regarding repairs, appearance, marketing, and rental amounts.

Property analysis protects the owner and future tenants, as well as Precision Realty & Management. This ensures our properties are move-in ready, up to code, and safe for future tenants. We can also help our owners negotiate higher rental rates by making suggestions on how to improve the appearance and functionality of their property. Additionally, our property analysis helps us make suggestions on competitive yet

appropriate rental rates to ensure the satisfaction of both owner and tenant.

Why Trust Us

Who better to trust with the knowledge of the Houston area market, than one of Houston’s leading property management companies? Not only are we a family owned and operated business, we’ve been successfully managing properties since 1989. We understand the market, what rental rates are most competitive, how to attract and keep tenants, and more. You can trust us to effectively manage any of your properties.

In order to begin management of the property, we set up a tour to allow our Houston property managers to view the property and possibly meet the owner, or have a tour arranged differently if the owner is not local. After signing a Houston property management agreement, we require a $500 owner’s reserve. However, this may vary depending on the subject properties and their requirements. If the property owner lives out of town, all paperwork is handled electronically through DocuSign.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in any of our property analysis services, or wish to learn more about Precision Realty & Management, visit our about us page, get to know our services, or browse our current listings. Any questions regarding our services can be directed to our office. Feel free to give us a call, and one of our certified property agents can answer any questions that you may have.