At Precision Realty, we manage each one of our properties with an ownership mindset. Additionally, we are consistently using a strategic approach to help you achieve your financial goals. One service we offer is Multi-Family Property Management and Investment. Furthermore, our goal is to find and cultivate happy tenants. Happy tenants create lower turnover rates and higher investor satisfaction.

What Are Multi-Family Properties?

When you think of real-estate investment opportunities, apartments may not jump to the forefront of your mind. While hedge funds typically monopolize large and luxury complexes, there is a huge investment market for small and mid-size apartments. Also, there are a variety of benefits available when investing in small and mid-size apartments, but the biggest benefit is the sheer amount of opportunity in our area.

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Moreover, Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States, meaning there are thousands of apartments available. At Precision Realty, we offer both investment opportunities in this market, as well as property management services. Therefore we are a one-stop shop for all of your multi-family property management needs.

Benefits of Investing in Multi-Family Properties:
  • Cash on cash returns for small and medium complexes tend to be more substantial than in large properties.
  • Small and medium complexes tend to have more availability at any given time–meaningless competition with other investors.
  • Smaller properties require less equity to invest. You can own a larger percentage of the property, and therefore acquire a large percentage of the profits.
  • Smaller apartment complexes need less maintenance.

Fortunately, Precision Realty has your property management covered as well. As your property management company, we do the following, so you don’t have to:

Fill vacancies
Advertise your rental
Handle tenant inquiries
Process applications
Perform background and credit checks
Oversee lease signing
Collect rent
Coordinate evictions if necessary

Benefits of Using Precision Realty:
  • Hassle-Free Management
  • Online Owner/Tenant Portal
  • 24/7 Maintenance Handling
  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests
  • Lower Vacancy Rate
  • Less Time on Market
  • Industry and Local Knowledge
  • One Point of Contact

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about our Multi-Family Property Management and Investment services, visit¬†our contact page.