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Are you an Oil & Gas employee and about to be transferred overseas? Don’t lease out your home! We offer an Expatriate package that keeps your home ready for whenever you’re able to come home!

Services Include:

  • Check Interior Ceilings for Roof Leaks;
  • Check all windows and doors to make sure they are secured and locked;
  • Visually check exterior roof for any signs of damage after high wind and/or storms;
  • Run water in all sinks, tubs and toilets once a week to prevent sewer gas;
  • Check throughout home for visual signs of insects
  • Turn off all gas at shut-off valves to oven range, dryer, and hot water heater;
  • Turn off/on different lights in interior of home to prevent signs of vacancy
  • Check on lawn maintenance;
  • Pick up newspapers and advertisements from yard;
  • Check sprinkler systems for correct usage;
  • Check homes once a week;
  • And More!

Please feel free to contact the office to discuss other items that we do/check for our expatriate customers’ homes.