Our objective is to operate our client’s properties at or near 100% occupancy and at the highest achievable rent while maintaining the integrity of the asset. As your Certified Property Manager, we serve as a knowledgeable liaison between you and your tenants. Our property management services offer an easy to solution to the stress of daily property management, handling all of the day to day responsibilities so that you, the property owner, can relax!

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Our Property Analysis Service, a unique property management service, allows us to examine your property and make recommendations regarding repairs, improvements in appearance, as well as rental rates. This allows us to maintain our properties at the highest occupancy, with the most competitive rental rates possible. Additionally, our property analysis also insures that all of our properties are move-in ready and safe for all of our future tenants. Click here to learn more.

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One of our featured property management services – leasing – is what has made us a leading Houston Property Management Company since 1989. We handle everything to do with your property to make your life easier. This includes handling maintenance requests, collecting rent and deposits, negotiating renewal leases, completing total renovations and more. To learn more about our leasing services, click here.

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Another property management service we offer is utilizing current marketing strategies to attract qualified tenants. We use print media, such as vibrant yard signs, as well as digital marketing. Our digital marketing includes social media advertising, as well as a multi-listing service that populates our listings to over 200 platforms. This increases visibility to prospective tenants, buyers and real estate agents. To learn more, click here.

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We offer expatriate and vacation service packages. If you’re about to leave the country due to work obligations or an extended vacation, don’t go through the hassle of temporarily leasing out your home! We can perform routine maintenance checks on your home. This ensures it is ready for you when you return. These services include running water, lawn maintenance, sprinkler system upkeep and more. Learn more here.

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Our certified property management agents are skilled in acquiring new investment properties. We are knowledgeable on current market trends. These include what locations are best for rental rates and resale, as well as whether or not a property qualifies as a good rental. We understand what tenants are looking for. We can pass that knowledge along to you. With over 29 years of experience in the Houston market, you can trust us to get the job done right. To learn more, click here.

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– FEES –

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in offering quality property management services at competitive market fees. Our low fees and excellent client service are why we have been a leading Houston property management company since 1989.  Client and tenant satisfaction is our goal, and we strive to provide as many services at the lowest fees possible. To view our fees scale, click here.

property management services houston sales and aquisition brokerage services


With Tiny Homes popping up all around the country, including two new communities here in Houston, Precision Realty and Management is available to help. Our Tiny Home Community Management service boasts our same reputable Property Management services, including leasing, buying property maintenance and more. We understand the appeal of tiny homes and we also know that tiny home management can be just as stressful as the management of a 3 story home. That’s why we’re here to help.

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Apartment complexes are a huge part of the Houston home market. With so many people in the city choosing to reside in an apartment, this leaves the daily property management of these types of homes up to the owners. Precision Realty understands that daily management can be a hassle. We want to make your management experience as stress free as possible. We offer a variety of apartment management services, from rent collection and routine maintenance, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

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At Precision Realty, we manage each one of our properties with an ownership mindset. Additionally, we are consistently using a strategic approach to help you achieve your financial goals. One service we offer is Multi-Family Property Management and Investment. Furthermore, our goal is to find and cultivate happy tenants. Happy tenants create lower turnover-rates and higher investor satisfaction. When you think of real-estate investment opportunities, apartments may not jump to the forefront of your mind.

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