Home Ready for Summer

Preparing for Summer

We all know a Southern Summer can be hot. It’s a time when many people stay indoors, only venturing outside when necessary. You go through great lengths to make sure you stay cool all summer long, but what does this mean for your home? Read our top tips for how to get your home ready for summer and keep it cool all season long.

Cleaning Up From Winter & Preparing for Summer

Though winters in the South aren’t as harsh as they are up north, there are still things you should do to your home to ensure it made it through the chillier winter weather.

First things first, make sure you service your air conditioner. There are few summer problems worse than your air conditioner break in the thick of 120º heat, especially when A/C maintenance workers are often booked solid and can’t get to you for a few days. The best way to avoid this is to make sure it is running smoothly at the beginning of summer.

Make sure you change your A/C’s air filter—as dirty and clogged filters can make your unit run harder and cost more to power. When you first turn on your unit, make sure you can see it cooling your home. If it doesn’t work after a few minutes, consult an HVAC company, as a bigger problem might be lurking.

Other steps to ensure a summer-ready home include:

— Cleaning your windows and window screens, making sure to repair any damage caused by the colder winter weather

— Inspecting your outdoor plumbing, such as your hose and irrigation system, to make sure there are no problems with your pipes or water flow

—Preparing your outdoor tools like your lawnmower, edger, etc. to make sure they are useful to you throughout the summer months

—Inspecting your roof and siding for weather damage or areas that need replacing

—Cleaning out your gutters; this will help rain flow during hurricane season and save you from having to replace gutters that can’t bear the weight of heavy and soggy leaves

—Checking out your attic while it’s still cool to look for air vent damage or blockages

When preparing for summer, you want to make sure you repair any damages from winter, or you might end up paying the heavy price when your A/C fails or there is a leak in your roof. Making sure to stay aware of the state of your home is an important part of homeownership, and is something to be taken seriously.


Keeping Your Home Cool 

We also know that even with a functioning A/C, summer can be too hot to bear. Here are some tips, other than cranking the A/C (and paying the price), to keep your home cool:

— Keep your blinds closed, or invest in blackout curtains, to keep the sun’s rays out of your home. This will keep your interior cooler and help your house maintain a consistent temperature.

— Close off any unused or barely-used rooms, including doors and vents. This will help your A/C cool the areas of your home you use the most.

— Use fans to your advantage. Did you know that your ceiling fans can change the direction they spin? There is a small up-down switch on the lighting base of ceiling fans that is meant to be changed by the season. In summer, switch your ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise. This will pull hot air up and send cool air down, providing you with summer heat relief.

— Change your bedsheets. While fleece and flannel sheets are great at keeping you cozy during the colder months, breathable fabrics like cotton and silk will keep you cool and comfortable.

— Cook outside. Grilling is a great way to keep your house cooler, as you reduce the indoor heat produced by your stove and oven. Plus it just tastes good, too!

— Lastly, use under-the-door insulation, otherwise known as draft stoppers, to keep the cold air in and the hot air out.

There are many ways to keep yourself cool during the summer, just don’t neglect your home when you do.

Consider a Property Management Company to Help

Whether you are staying in town, traveling or an expatriate, Precision Realty & Management, LLC. can help prepare your property for the Summer. In addition to handling maintenance and emergency repairs 24/7, Precision Realty is available on holidays, nights and weekends. The Vacation and Expatriate Home Package is perfect for those who are traveling or have been transferred out of state/country and do not want to lease their property but need help managing while away.