Prepare Your Properties for Summer

In Texas, Summer and heat go hand in hand. We not only embrace both, but we kind of also have no other choice. For the next couple of months, school is out, summer vacation has begun and sunburns are a dime a dozen. With more flexibility for time off, Summer is not only vacation time, it’s also prime time for moving. As a landlord or homeowner, you should do everything to prepare your property for an prepare propertyinflux of heat and activity. Here are a couple of factors you should pay attention to:

AC Unit

First things first, your air conditioning unit. Is it running? Is it efficiently running? Most importantly, when was the last time it was serviced? With rising temperatures and relentless humidity, you don’t want your property or worse, tenants to be without cool air. Inspect the AC unit and fix any issues before the season progresses. Take a look outside, check around the unit for at least a two-feet of space and assure plants nearby aren’t overcrowding.

Filter and Vents

How else are you going to distribute cold air without vents? Start with changing your air filter. This allows for streamlined air circulation. Rearrange your furniture, sometimes something as little as the top of a dresser or a curtain could block passageways and essentially deprive you of cool air.

Windows and Doors

It is essential to prep windows and doors from both structural and cosmetic points of view. Leaks or gaps around windows and doors can cause cool air to escape. This is an easy fix, use caulk or a sealant to close gaps. Beware of too much sun exposure to the exterior of the property. Too much light can damage to patio furniture, fade flooring, and cause the paint to chip. If you can, invest in insulated windows. They are perfect for decreasing energy costs.

Washers and Dryers

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent can lead to a fire? Take the time to unhook the dryer duct from the wall and start to clean all that dust and lint gathered on the lining of the space and on the surface.

Security Systems and Smoke Detectors

Test your smoke detectors and the security systems. Ensure everything is functioning properly. Consider replacing the batteries for extended life even if the systems are working properly.

Ceiling Fans

Most tenants don’t use ceiling fans in the winter, which results in a lot of thick dust and lint settling on the fan. Switch on the fan at high speed after a long time in the summers can cause an embarrassing downpour of dust, something you should do your best to avoid. Rest assured all you have to do is dust the fans and you are good to go.


Due to the rise in temperature, increased sun exposure, and moisture during the season, you will want to make sure that your property is well maintained and welcoming. Overgrown weeds and hardly-there grass can make your updated home seem unkempt and unappealing. Simply trimming bushes, planting flowers or pressure-washing dirty surfaces can have a positive impact, making the house look more attractive to potential tenants.

Whether you are staying in town, traveling or an expatriate, Precision Realty & Management, LLC. can help prepare your property for the Summer. In addition to handling maintenance and emergency repairs 24/7, Precision Realty is available on holiday, nights and weekends. The Vacation and Expatriate Home Package is perfect for those who are traveling or have been transferred out of state/country and who do not want to lease their property, but need help managing while away.