Planning A Winter Vacation?

Protect Your Home from Theft, Water Damage and Electrical Issues With These Tips

Are you planning a winter vacation? Whether it’s to visit family or to escape to a sunny beach, make sure your home is left in good hands and is in great shape for the time away! Unpredictable winter weather can cause a myriad of issues in your home while you are gone, from frozen pipes to power outages. Besides, no one wants to come home from vacation to a break-in, what a way to ruin a great trip! Learn how to leave for your vacation with the peace of mind that your home is protected from theft, water damage and electrical issues.

Protect home during winter vacation

How to Protect Your Home from Theft

Ending a vacation with a home break-in is a sure way to erase all that relaxation! Thieves like easy targets and homes are more likely to be vacant during the holidays and on school vacations. So how do you ensure that your home isn’t a target for intruders while you are away?

  • Don’t post specific dates/times or your plans on Social Media, especially if your profiles are public. This is just like advertising “my house is empty!” for the world to see. Post all those great family pictures once you are back home.
  • Set your lights on timers. If a potential burglar is watching your neighborhood, having lights turn on an off will create the illusion that you are home. Now you don’t have to go full “Home Alone” and stage a fake party, a few lights on timers should cast enough doubt that your home is vacant.
  • Don’t leave a spare key outside. Hidden keys are never as hidden as you think they are!
  • If you have an alarm company, alert them that you are traveling and how to reach you. Make sure you set your alarm property when you leave.

While there is nothing you can do to 100% avoid a break-in, these little steps will make your home less of an attractive target.

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Water can cause a lot of damage, and in the winter, frozen pipes are a real risk. Insurance Companies estimate an average insurance claim for water damage from frozen pipes around $15,000. Yes, that may be an average, the amount can vary soaring well over $20,000 to possible a couple hundred dollars. Either way, with a little preparation, the out-of-pocket cost can be avoided. Before coming home to an expensive home repair, take these steps to prevent your pipes from freezing.

  • Even if it’s warm when you leave the house, set the heat to at least 45 degrees. This will ensure if the temperature drops, your house doesn’t go unheated.
  • Turn off the main water supply to your house and then flush all the toilets and turn on the taps. What this does is drains your house of water. If there is no water in the pipes, they can’t freeze!
  • Consider investing in a temperature alarm. These are usually relatively low cost and will alert you if the temperature in your home drops to a potentially dangerous level.

With unpredictable winter weather, and freezing temperatures, frozen pipes are a real danger, take the necessary steps to guard against frozen pipes.

How to Protect Your Home from Electrical Issues

Winter weather can be unpredictable, from power outages to power surges, here is how to protect your home from electrical issues when you leave for vacation.

  • Unplug all your appliances and electronics with the exception of your fridge. Not only will your power bill be lower, if there is a power surge, you won’t fry any of your expensive items.
  • Sign up for updates from your power company, they will let you know if the power goes out for an extended period of time. It’s good to know if the food in your fridge or freezer was left uncooled for days or weeks at a time.

Just because you aren’t home, doesn’t mean you can’t protect your home from unpredictable electrical issues.

Consider a Professional Property Manager

If you are leaving your home for more than a winter getaway, you may want to consider professional property management. While you can take steps to protect your home from theft, water damage and electrical issues, you are still out of town if an issue arises. A professional property management company, like Precision Realty Management, will take the steps to protect your home from damage and make repairs if issues arise. For more information on services Precision offers for vacation please visit Need someone to watch your home while you’re away? Call 281-866-7400!