What Should I do with my Home When I Relocate Overseas?

Whether you’re relocating for a new job or a new position, the move is going to be a big one! But before you start planning, you’ll have to make some pretty big decisions first. Do you need to change banks? File for a work visa or passport? Do you even need to take your car? Should you sell it? Or what about your Expatriate Packageproperty? Who will take care of it while you’re away? The questions seem endless and what makes it worse, is that your time is limited. Don’t panic just yet, you do have options!

Your Expatriate Options for Your Property

We know when the time comes, you will want your home to be left in good hands, so what are your options? Depending on how long your contract is, you have the option of selling, leasing, or leaving your property vacant. Here’s a run down on how each choice benefits you.

#1 Sell: Selling your home reaps a lot of instant monetary benefits! This choice does require a lot of preparation and time you might be short of at this moment. If you can manage to set aside time to prepare your home to be on the market, this may be a great choice. Remember, you will have to sell, store and move furniture, fix any issues found after inspection and wait on the closing process before all is final. Making the decision to sell you property truly depends on the value you see in your home.

#2 Leasing: Choosing to lease your property to a tenant will require some time and effort to choose a good one! A tenant can be a blessing, but while it is comforting to know that you have a tenant in your home, watching over your property, it can be hard to manage or even collect rent from overseas. As a landlord, it may be difficult to handle maintenance and upkeep of your property while you are away.

#3 Leave Vacant: For homeowners who either are not interested in renting, selling or simply don’t have time, there is another option.  You can leave the property vacant and hire a Professional Property Management Company, like Precision Realty & Management, LLC, to handle the ins and outs of all your property needs.

Precision Realty & Management Services

While services from company to company may vary, at the very least, your concerns of safety and condition should always be addressed. Property management is much more than checking on homes once per week; it’s about keeping your home in the ideal condition and providing you the peace of mind you need while overseas. This way, when you are ready to sell, or ready to come home, you home is waiting for you! Below are just some of the services provided in Precision’s Expatriate Package:

Services Include:

  • Weekly walk throughs of property
  • Interior checks assess:

1) ceilings for potential leaks, cracks, and/or damage

2) windows/doors locked and secured

3) running water in all sinks, tubs, and toilets (prevent sewer gas)

4) visual signs of insects or unwanted pests

5) turn on/off lights in home (prevent signs of vacancy)

  • Exterior checks assess:

1) lawn maintenance

2) sprinkler systems for correct usage

3) pick up newspapers and advertisements from yard

  • Routine Maintenance when needed can be scheduled and assigned
  • Emergency Maintenance available 24/7 in case of weather or security

The real estate market in Houston is improving every day, so along with decreased hassle, it may be financially beneficial to hold on to your Houston property and capitalize on future appreciation. If you’re looking for a local property manager you can trust, choose a company like Precision Realty & Management, LLC, who has been in business for over 28 years and is the largest and most experienced property management company in the greater Houston area, covering Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. To learn more about our Expatriate Package please visit: