Your 20s: A Big Decade For a Big Decision

Your 20s: A Big Decade For a Big Decision


Your 20s are the most important decade of your life, and you may wonder, “why do my 20s matter so much?” One of the many reasons why your 20s play a large role in your life is centered on one concept: real estate and mortgage. In order to make the best of an investment in real estate, it is important to educate yourself first on the process behind starting an investment, otherwise you may miss out on an opportunity that can cost you greatly. One key element that many people oftentimes forget is that the longer a person owns property, the better investment the property is worth.


Types of Mortgages


Before investing in a home payment, it is important that you know the four different types: fixed rate mortgages, also known as conventional mortgages, allow the interest rate of the mortgage to stay the same for the life of the loan. An adjustable rate mortgage is when the interest rate changes at a set period that varies with a type of economic indicator. Interest-only mortgages allow you the first 5 to 10 years to pay old the interest portion of your monthly payment rather than the payment in full. If you chose this type of mortgage, the repayment time can be slowed down but the rest of the mortgage is paid off in full.


Certain types of mortgages include loans that come in different options available. FHA loans are mortgages guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration and come with built-in mortgage insurance as a protection from the possibility of not being able to repay the loan. VA loans are focused towards veterans of the U.S. armed forces, making it easier for them to buy homes. Not only does a mortgage signal that you are building up equity in a home, but mortgages provide tax deductions and can add to your credit history in a positive way.


Why Credit Matters


Deciding to buy a home in your 20s can be a challenging decision to make and consequently there are advantages that come with it. Buying a home in your 20s plays a large role in investing in your future. Since you will already be working with credit, obtaining a loan will only make your credit history stronger and more impressive. Every process ultimately comes with a learning curve, and if you were to buy a house in your 20s you would be able to learn better spending habits as well as experience tax benefits.


Everyone wants to own a home that suits them, their financial status, and their lifestyle as a whole and in order to be a happy home buyer, some tips would include checking your credit score and planning for unexpected home expenses.


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