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What Are Accidental Landlords?

What Are Accidental Landlords?

Are you an accidental landlord? The average price of a home in Texas is around $375,000. Have you received property inheritance and don't know what to do with it?

Many people like the idea of holding on to the home and using it for an investment. Managing a property can seem stressful. Keep reading our guide to learn what it means to be an accidental landlord. 

Accidental Landlords Need Help

The chances are good if you become an accidental landlord, you're new to rental properties. It may seem overwhelming when you consider everything you have to do. 

Handling any property business takes skill and the right connections. If you already have a full-time job, you may not want the added stress of figuring all that out. 

Property Management Services Advertise

After becoming an accidental landlord, you may want to turn the marketing tasks over to a pro. The company will advertise your property for you and screen the tenants. You won't have to meet them or get their information. 

You will receive a market analysis for your property. That will get you the most financial return from your investment. The main goal is to get the rental properties listed and rented fast. 

Rent Collection

One of the jobs an accidental landlord has is rent collection. Sometimes that is not an easy part of having rental properties. If you have a tenant who pays on time it makes for a smooth process. 

Sometimes tenants don't pay at all. When that happens, property management services will step in on your behalf. You will get paid on time each month, and if not, the company will assist in the eviction procedures. 

Rental Properties Need Maintenance

Part of using your property inheritance as a rental includes maintaining the home. If you are an accidental landlord, you don't want to get phone calls about maintenance issues. 

Property management services can make sure repairs get handled fast to prevent further problems. Happy renters will be more likely to pay their rent on time. You do want to keep satisfied tenants because that will lead to less turnover.

Inspections For Landlords

Rental properties need inspections for the landlords to know the home is in good shape. Although tenants get screened, you may get one that doesn't respect rental properties. 

With a six to nine-month inspection, you get to know your home is without damage. You will receive pictures of each room for your records. It also lets you know if there are lease violations

Property Management Expertise

If being an accidental landlord seems overwhelming, don't worry. We can maximize your rental property's potential with experience you can trust. With so many factors to consider, you need a company with the skill to handle your home the way you would. 

When you're ready to get a free rental analysis, give us a call or drop us an email. We can handle all your Houston property management needs. Contact us to help turn your property inheritance into an investment that pays off for years to come!