– Lee N C. Jr.

“You’ve tried the rest, now switch to the best! As a property owner, I can easily say Precision Realty & Management is superior to other companies. Their staff are professional, and the service is efficient, dependable and very personable. They do an excellent job of vetting potential renters and only place tenants with solid rental history and appropriate credit ratings in the unit. On the rare occasion where maintenance is required, they promptly communicate with both the tenant and I to ensure that service is provided promptly, safely and with qualified technicians. If you are shopping for a Broker to manage your property, exceed your expectations and provide service with a smile, choose Precision Realty & Management, LLC. They know what it means to serve.”

– Maria R.

“Excellent service! Excellent response timing. I would definitely recommend you!”

– Rena F.

“The technicians were all very pleasant and professional. I understand that people are busy and it takes time to get things done. Precision is very diligent about getting the requests moving and following through. I appreciate that!”

– HaiJing Y. (YellowPages)

“Hi, my Name is HaiJing, we have been with Precision Realty for the past 15 to 16 years now! For the past 16 years, We only have nice things to said that we’re thankful to work with John and his team. They’re very professional and always one step ahead of us. If there is anything needs to get it done with our property, Precision gets the most professional people for the job! When you have precision manager your property! You know they have your back.”

– Danielle R. (YellowPages)

“Sandra Ferguson and the team at Precision Realty couldn’t be any more top-notch. From looking out for their clients’ best interests in every way, coupled with experience and expertise that can’t be beaten, I can’t recommend them more highly! For any real estate needs in the area, hands down there is no better place. Thank you again for having made it all so seamless over the years – a joy.”

-Alexis I. (Yelp)

“John and Sandra have been managing my properties since 2012. I cannot even begin to explain what a wonderful job they have done since then. It can be very stressful to own out of state properties if you don’t have a property management team that you can trust. I completely trust Precision with making good decisions in the interest of the properties. They truly treat them as if they own them themselves, and for me, that is everything.  If there are any investors out there looking for property management, I recommend you hire Precision to help turn your investment into something worth holding onto for the long haul.”

-Katie C. (Yelp)

“John, Sandra, and their whole team are a pleasure to work with. They are always making sure to meet customer needs and are extremely professional. I highly recommend Precision Realty to anyone looking for a Management Company.”

-James O. (Yelp)

“I have been a client of Precision Realty & Management now for 4 years. They have taken care of my rental property with the utmost care and customer service. Everyone in the office has been extremely helpful over the years, and I cannot recommend them enough. If you are thinking that renting a property out will be a hassle, talk to Sandra and John. They take all the hassle out of the process and send you a nice check at the end of the day.”

-Paul Damian Duran (Facebook)

“Sandra and her team are highly professional, ethical and extremely client focused. I met her and Brooke in SF back in March and I am now closing on my 1st deal this June. She is highly responsive, detailed and very thorough which made a 1st time home buyer like me feel at ease. I would HIGHLY recommend Sandra and her team to my peers on Facebook and know they will be in good hands. Top notch service and I plan to work with again for my next deal in 2018.”

-David Koren (Facebook)

“Working with Sandra was a complete joy and I am very grateful for all the help and very personal yet professional service. Sandra was ever so patient to explain the process at every stage and made sure all is clear to us.”

-Emily Anne D. (Yelp)

“Precision Realty and Management has been nothing but fantastic for my renting experience… They’re simply a middle man for me paying rent and needing help with issues in my home. They have responded promptly to all my work orders and fixed everything in a timely manner. Always making sure to call ahead of time and work with my schedule. I would definitely recommend to friends or family looking to move.”

– B.D. (Yelp)

“As an owner with several houses in several places, there have been no management company that compares to the quality of Precision Realty.  Sandra and John have been a great team and will always provide the best service possible.  This is not an infomercial, but if I could clone their company in every area I would.  It has been a pleasure for the past decade working with them and their team.  I honestly have never worked with a company for so long and have enjoyed EVERY one of their employees.  The whole staff is professional, courteous, and most of all, KNOWLEDGEABLE on real estate issues.  I can write praises all day on them.”

-Margaret S. (Yelp)

“Precision Realty & Management is run by a group of very professional and understanding people who are there to help you in your home purchase or rental needs in the Houston area. Information is provided regarding the property taxes, school districts and various other areas that will help you in regards to the area of town you wish to purchase in.  I am very happy with my experience with Sandra and John Ferguson.  They made the entire journey an easy and special time.”