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Why a Leasing Only Service Is the Perfect Solution for Busy Houston Landlords

Why a Leasing Only Service Is the Perfect Solution for Busy Houston Landlords

Landlords are busy; there's no way around that. But, there is a solution that can help take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Houston, Texas landlords seeking some help should consider working with a leasing-only service.

With this service, a property management company will handle everything until the lease is signed. From there, the landlord takes the reins.

Is leasing only right for you? Keep reading to learn why it's the perfect solution.

Vacancy Reduction

If you struggle to keep your Houston rental properties occupied, a leasing-only service can help. Landlords might spend their time running day-to-day operations and miss opportunities to find the best tenants.

It can take a lot of time to find quality renters. Leasing-only services not only find top prospects, but they can get vacancies filled fast.

Not only do you reduce your vacancy rate, but leasing-only services find the best tenants through tenant screening. Background and credit checks can help you mitigate your risk as a landlord.

Leasing-only services do not handle tenant evictions. This will be the landlord's responsibility. Yet, a leasing-only service can help landlords avoid the risk of eviction by finding ideal renters based on your criteria.

A property management company that offers leasing services can advertise your vacancies, screen applicants, and create new leases. You'll take everything else on after the tenant moves in, including lease enforcement.

Marketing Services

Without marketing, potential renters won't know when you have a vacant unit. Some landlords don't have experience with rental property marketing, which can cause your unit to stay vacant for longer.

This problem ends when you hire a leasing-only service. A leasing agent will advertise your vacancy on popular listing websites. They may have their own website where they can market your rental, too.

Other activities to advertise the property may include:

Using professional photos and top-notch listing descriptions, these professionals can get your property rented faster.

More Management Control

Not every landlord wants to hand the reins over to a property management company. However, seeking some help still allows you to control most aspects of property management.

The best landlord advice is to seek help only where needed to save money. You might be a great property manager but struggle to find the best tenants. In this situation, working with a leasing-only service makes sense.

Landlords will have complete control over maintenance, rent collection, tenant relations, and other day-to-day operations. Out-of-town landlords should consider full-service rental property management.

Is a Leasing Only Service Right for You?

A leasing-only service can help make property management more manageable. If you struggle to find quality tenants and market your vacancies, this service could be right for you.

Precision Realty & Management has been in the business of helping Houston landlords since 1989. We provide services based on the latest property management trends. We are also active members of the NARPM.

Whether you need a leasing-only service or full-service property management, we can help. Contact us today to speak with a dedicated property management team member directly.