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How to Get the Most Out of Your Tenant Portal

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tenant Portal

93% of American households have access to some type of computer at home. Our lives are increasingly digital, and it's time for landlords to keep up. That's right; it's time to start using a tenant portal.

If you're on the fence about using a tenant portal, we get it! Some landlords may be used to a less digital option, and making the switch may seem unnecessary.

We're here to talk about how you can use a tenant portal to make life easier for you and your tenants. Read on to learn more.

Send an Instructional Email to New Tenants

When you get a new tenant, keep in mind that they may never have had a tenant portal before. It's possible that they're new to renting or that their previous landlord preferred to do things the old-fashioned way.

When you get a new tenant, consider sending them a welcome email that includes instructions for the tenant portal. They may be confused about how to log in and navigate the portal, so this will help them out.

Instruct them on how to set up payments, submit requests, and do everything else that their portal enables them to do.

Use It For Rent Payments

Tenant portals are awesome for making rent payments to the landlord and property management company.

Checks are almost obsolete, and most people don't keep large amounts of cash on them. It's also easy to lose physical payments. With an online portal, the tenant can easily submit their payment and it will go straight to you.

You can also set up rent reminders through the payment portal. Those reminders will go to your tenants' email inboxes so they never miss a payment. This makes things easier for everyone!

Use It for Maintenance Requests

Part of owning a rental property is being responsible for property maintenance. If something goes wrong, you're in charge of handling it (or assigning a maintenance professional to handle it for you).

Some tenants may not know how to request maintenance, or it may make them nervous. Maintenance requests made over the phone may also get forgotten.

When you use the tenant portal, it's easy to keep track of requests and it takes minutes for tenants to let you know what's wrong. Tenants can also leave specific comments to clarify the situation.

Include Lease Information

Having tenants keep a paper lease for their own reference is important, but let's face it: paper documents get lost! Why not include a digital copy of the lease online?

This way, tenants can check it whenever they like. If they have questions, they'll also have the specific lease paperwork to reference so they can get their answers with ease.

Make the Most of Your Tenant Portal

Setting up a tenant portal for your tenants will make your life as a landlord so much easier. It will also make things easier for your tenants! You can use it for maintenance requests, rent payments, and so much more.

Are you looking for a property management team in Houston, Texas, to help you manage your property, tenant portal and all? We've got you covered!

Contact us to learn all about how you can maximize your rental property's potential.