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How to Choose Tenant Screening Professionals: The Complete Guide for Landlords

How to Choose Tenant Screening Professionals: The Complete Guide for Landlords

Imagine you're in a crowded public space, and you take a look around the room. It may come as a shock, but one out of every three people that you see there has a criminal record.

The point is, you just never know who you're dealing with, even when a potential tenant looks responsible and upstanding. The tenant screening process may just catch some unsettling secrets that are lurking under the surface. That's why it's essential to choose tenant screening professionals who leave no stone unturned.

Landlords in search of a better tenant screening experience, look no further. Let's discuss how you should choose from your options for screening services.

Choose Tenant Screening Professionals With Experience and Good Reviews

Experience is well worth its weight in gold. Companies with a long history of handling the tenant screening process have invaluable industry knowledge at their disposal. It's highly unlikely that they miss important details, such as a tenant that failed to pay rent on a previous lease.

Take note of tenant screening software from a company with strong reviews, testimonials, and proven results. Shy away from companies that may not be able to provide a truly comprehensive background check. However, keep your guard up since companies do occasionally create fake reviews.

Convenience and Ease-Of-Use during the Tenant Screening Process

You're a busy person, and managing property can be incredibly stressful. You already have a lot on your plate from maintenance to dealing with property taxes. Any tenant screening company that you contract with should make their process simple to use.

Tenant screening is straightforward: you provide the tenant information, and they do the research. They should do a thorough job, rather than asking you multiple times for different pieces of information. The entire experience should be relatively hands-off from start to finish.

Look for companies that provide exceptional customer service. They offer prompt responses and are on-call when you need them. It can take weeks to find a new tenant, so you can't afford to spend too long waiting for a screening.

Comparing Screening Costs

Naturally, background checks and tenant screening are not cheap. It's very difficult work to pore through so many records to find the truth about a tenant. But at the same time, it should be affordable as you will be processing multiple tenants at once.

Of course, you can offset the cost of background checks with application fees. But make sure the company you choose offers affordable pricing options. In most cases, you will need a full, in-depth background check on a tenant.

Manage Properties with Precision Realty

As you choose tenant screening professionals, you should look for those with a wealth of experience and good reviews. You want companies that make it a breeze to perform a simple background check. At the same time, you don't want this simple aspect of the application process to eat into your budget.

Precision Realty is here to help you with your Houston property management. Get in touch with us and let us take the load off your shoulders while managing and renting.