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How a Property Management Company Can Help With Evictions

How a Property Management Company Can Help With Evictions

On average, there are 2.7 million eviction filings per year in the United States. Neither tenants nor landlords want to deal with evictions, but they do happen. As a landlord or property owner, you need to know how to handle them. 

A property management company understands the local laws regarding evictions and manages the entire process. They ensure you get a new tenant in the rental as soon as possible, reducing vacancies and protecting your investment. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a property company help with evictions. 

They Know the Legal Process

Landlords can evict tenants that have broken their lease agreement, such as by violating the terms or refusing to pay rent. However, the process of evicting a tenant involves many steps. 

Eviction is a formal judicial process that involves the court. Landlords must prove they did everything legally required of them and that they have proof the tenant violated the lease in some way. 

The first step is the Notice to Vacate. If the tenant doesn't move out, a landlord may file an eviction suit. At this point, a constable has several attempts to deliver this suit to the tenant. 

Tenants also have a right to a jury trial. Both the landlord and the tenant must appear in court by the date listed on the citation. 

Property management companies understand the eviction process, including the necessary steps. They'll follow each step to ensure you don't have to worry about stubborn tenants, unpaid rent, and legal headaches. 

You Get Better Tenants

The best way to avoid evictions is to ensure that you get the best tenants possible in your rentals. That all begins with the tenant screening process. 

One of the biggest advantages of property management services is that they conduct extensive tenant screening. They make sure you're finding the best fit for the rental by performing credit checks, background checks, and more. 

Rentals receive a lot of inquiries and applicants, but not each applicant is the right fit. They might want pets in a pet-free unit or may not make enough income to cover rent comfortably. 

Conducting a thorough tenant screening means you'll be less likely to place the wrong tenant and have to deal with evictions in the future. 

You Don't Have to Worry About Confrontation

Evictions bring about a lot of emotions for everyone involved. Tenants may get angry and lash out. No one wants to be the "bad guy," and landlords may feel apprehensive about facing an upset tenant and delivering the news. 

Many property owners choose to hire a management company simply to deal with tenants and the eviction process. You can rely on them to deliver all necessary notices and professionally handle the situation. 

Handle Evictions the Right Way

No one wants to deal with evictions, but having a property management company on your side makes the process much simpler. You'll have less on your plate, from filing paperwork, appearing in court, and delivering letters, and you can rest easier. 

From tenant screenings to evictions and more, you can rely on us to help take care of your Houston property. Reach out to us and get a free rental price analysis today.