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5 Tips for an Effective Rental Advertisement in 2021

5 Tips for an Effective Rental Advertisement in 2021

The current economic conditions have created a situation where individuals are moving in large numbers. One of the most active cities these people are moving to is Houston, Texas. According to the 2021 Texas Relocation Report, the state welcomed over 500,000 new residents, making it the seventh straight year of achieving this.

With more residents moving to the Houston area, it's creating a massive opportunity for rental property owners to take advantage of. If you own rental property in Houston, keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn how to create a rental advertisement that can grab renters' attention.

1. Know Your Target Market

The first step in advertising a rental property is knowing your target market and who will be using your services. 

  • Are they looking for amenities?
  • Do they only care about price?
  • What are their demographics?

These are important questions to ask so you can better prepare your rental ad. For example, is your property located in an upscale part of Houston, such as downtown? If so, you may want to focus more on things like amenities and including words like "luxurious" and "spacious."

2. Use Professional Pictures

One of the first property marketing tips you should be aware of is hiring a professional to take pictures of your rental. The first engagement potential renters will have with your property is through photos. It's crucial to make sure they are of the highest quality. 

According to research, realtors that use professional photos sell houses 32 percent faster. This goes for rental properties as well - more people will be engaged with the ad and viewing the listing.

3. Be Brief But Descriptive

While advertising a rental property, the goal is to communicate as much information as possible that can sway the renter's decision without overwhelming them. You will want to list the important details like:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Rent price

It's best to emphasize the selling points of your property when possible such as a good location if it has a pool or anything else that can make it unique.

4. Utilize Social Media

If you are not utilizing social media yet, now is the time. With over 70 percent of all American adults using social media, it can be an excellent way of connecting with potential renters in the Houston area.

The best part of social media is that it automatically connects you with people in your area. So if you are posting rental properties in Houston, renters in the area will come across your post.

5. Emphasize the Amenities

What makes your property unique? This is what you will want to make your focal point. Individuals will be looking through several different listings before coming across yours. Make sure that yours is memorable and offers something unique for renters.

Your Ultimate Rental Advertisement Is Waiting

When it comes to creating a rental advertisement, it's essential to stand out among the endless listings of rentals. Following these few tips can help you get noticed, engage potential renters, and close the deal. The more eyes that see your ad, the better the results will be when you go to show it. 

If you need help with your rental advertisement or looking for property management services, contact us today, and we can help you maximize your potential.