Precision Realty & Management, LLC has over 29 years of experience in providing full-service brokerage services including Sales, Leasing, & Property Management.

Brokerage Services

We have been very successful in acquiring new investment properties for all our clients. This includes both new and seasoned members of the investment property community.  Additionally, we look for the best property for investment purposes that can give our clients the biggest return on their money. We can accomplish this by paying very close attention to the type of properties renters will want. Meanwhile we also still pay attention to the possible future resale of that property. Our brokerage services allow us to be successful as a full-service property

management company.

Furthermore, we have also been very successful in selling our clients investment properties. We’ve had success whether they are still tenant occupied or they are vacant and a full make ready has been completed.

Why Trust Us

Our agents are very knowledgeable of the current market trends. They know which subdivisions are the best “rental neighborhoods” in which to make that next purchase. Additionally, we also advise buyers on a future purchase, regardless of whether we are the sales agent or not. Furthermore, our management team has an added perspective of looking at a property to see if it will make the cut as a good “rental property.” We make sure that it will be appealing to future tenants and will be a good resale in the future. Our property owners’ best interests always come first.

We are honest and will tell you, good or bad, our opinion about a future purchase. There are so many variables to consider. These include sales price point, potential rental rates, location, location, and did we say location? The best residential lots to consider must include interior subdivision lots surrounded by other residential properties of similar pricing and quality. Anything outside of that requirement must be analyzed in greater detail. This helps us examine resale value down the road, as well as current rentability.

Get in Touch

To learn more about our variety of services, click here. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our certified property-management agents will be happy to assist you.